When you post this… add more sense to posts!

Every day we see hundreds of posts on our social networks. Work colleagues post business trends and buzzwords. Our friends post their latest preferred quotes, which they share in the hope of changing the world, or your opinion, whichever is easier. We enjoy even more posts from people we had never met and companies we had never heard of. We read, then share with other friends, who then share with their friends, who then share (you get where I’m going here?)

Some of these posts are good. They push our imagination, challenge our thinking, or help to share knowledge of events, trends, and ideas. Some quotes even manage to change our views, or enlarge our perception and knowledge of the world.

But many of these posts are completely stupid or in the worst case – pure crap!

Often, we see posts and recognize that they are good ones. We are keen to add something to it, like a good comment, an analogy, or an additional image, so it will be shared further. Other posts are not so good, and some are just straight out bad. These posts hurt us, make us feel threatened, or damage our perception. All we really want to do with these posts (if we decide not to delete them) is to change how they are interpreted, and by whom.

Sometimes, though, we just don’t have that touch. We don’t know the right words, the idea, or have the ability to visualize the right image that will change a bullshit post into a good one. “When you post this…” can help to add more sense to posts. Sometimes the changes are small, obvious or enlightening. Others may not be so gentle, but that’s for a good reason!

If you have some suggestions or ideas on how best to add more sense to posts you see – then contact us! In any case click through our collection!